Homestay is a popular  hospitality and lodging business model in the world. After the emergence of Airbnb based sharing economy model of online business, it became popular among global travelers. Travel and tourism industry reports that there is a huge demand from global travelers in terms of getting accommodation in the seafront hotels and resorts. However, cost is the biggest barrier to record growth in the sector.  Getting an accommodation in the seafront hotels and resorts is very expensive and unaffordable to low income group of travelers. In this context, Airnb like platforms provide wonderful opportunity for travelers in arranging seafront Homestay accommodation for cheaper cost. In the current scenario, there is not any exclusive online-platform which provides booking facilities for seafront Homestay accommodation. Therefore, the domain name would be a good idea to start an exclusive platform to fill this business gap. It is a turnkey domain, which can also be used to explore affiliate marketing opportunities in the travel and tourism  industry.   The Google produces about 35,10,000 search results for the domain keywords ‘sea front homestay’.

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