Our Significance

The name gives identity to all things in this world apart from the distinction of living or not!

Startups would be a dream for all those who wish to build this world by their innovations. In reality, innovative entrepreneurs create the economy and everyone else lives on them!

Moreover, startups play a crucial role in generating momentum in the entrepreneurial world and become the basis of so-called ‘change’ in human life!

All companies have a dual identity in the advanced digital economy, and they operate simultaneously in the real world and in the digital world. In addition, the emergence of the digital economy is leading to platform economies and many new generation entrepreneurs are launching groundbreaking online business ideas. In this context, unique names for their startups are truly essential to match their start-up ideas.

In the real world, naming is a creative task, whereas in the networked economy, multidimensional technological factors have to be considered before naming a startup. This is a knowledge-intensive process, particularly naming an online start-up after considering SEO factors is a tedious task. The name must also be unique and easy to remember.

Analysts say that having the right domain name is a marketing investment that becomes a valuable asset for a business as they establish their brand and expand the business. We all know that Internet-based start-ups’ fortune is driven by search engines. More than 90% of global online companies generate client traffic via search engines. In short, the success of your business will depend primarily on two factors: SEO compatibility and easy-to-remember keywords.

Creating a user-friendly SEO domain name is a big part of the startup process. The situation is getting worse as almost all domain keywords are impossible to register in the open registry due to the huge growth of the secondary domain market.

All important keyword domains and their several combinations are being reserved by domain investors and secondary marketplaces. So, the only choice for a good domain name is a secondary market.

The domain Aftersales industry is very competitive and expensive to buy a good domain name for startups. It is growing very rapidly in the world and more and more players are coming into the sector with advanced trading algorithms. We can figure this out by checking the daily statistics of domain sales.

According to industry statistics, the average price of general .comTLD is $2,693 and the median is $630 in the secondary market. If you want a premium domain name, you should spend at least 6 digit amounts. But for dictionary terms, the number would be millions of dollars. Many of the sector’s investors frequently benefit from these exceptional gains.

Our idea of StartupWebnames.com popped up in that scenario. We are currently a tiny but significant player in the industry with great enthusiasm for supporting innovative startups online. We’re certainly a pro-profit initiative, but it’s not just about maximizing profits!

Our domain names are priced reasonably with special emphasis on startup projects. We price domain names based on cost factors such as search time, hardware and bandwidth costs, creative input, keyword importance, and peer group prices.

We focus more on keyword domains than fancy names because search engines set significant value for these domains. It is crucial for startups to achieve rapid growth using organic search engine traffic.
We usually create our domain names after developing a startup idea. The next process is to analyse the significance of this idea globally and its magnitude. Once we are convinced of the potentiality of the idea, then we will choose that domain name after a certain keyword analysis. Therefore, all the domains we have have a story to tell you!

We create three categories of domain names: turnkey, futuristic, and brand domains. Turn-key domain names are intended for immediate use, in particular for affiliate marketing and passive revenue-generating platforms. Futuristic domain names are valuable descriptive domains, designed primarily for emerging startups in the knowledge-intensive sector. Brand domains are creative names that focus on platform economies like Uber and Zomoto.

The cost of our domain names is really affordable to startups. We’re not going to burden startups in terms of naming costs. In addition to a single payment, you can purchase our domains using different options like leasing and monthly payments. Moreover, if you have a good idea and the ability to work hard to achieve your dream, we are willing to give our domain names free of charge.