Modern TLDs

High demand for traditional top-level domains (TLDs) and their speculative secondary markets have led to a scarcity of industry-relevant names for active entrepreneurs. It created a dilemma in naming the industry, especially in the case of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in terms of getting names relevant to their business. This situation resulted in the emergence of new types of generic domain names. We refer to these domains as modern TLDs. Modern TLDs can be categorized into two classes according to the restriction placed on the registration of such domain names on the free market. The first class of TLDs belongs to the country code top-level domains (ccTLDs) and the second class is generic top-level domains (gTLDs).

Country code top-level domains (ccTLDs) are top-level domains that are typically used or reserved for a country or sovereign state. Therefore, it cannot be used by an entrepreneur who is outside the territory of the nation where a country code is assigned. For instance, ccTLDs like .de (Germany), .ca(Canada), .ie(Ireland) shall not be registered by an entrepreneur residing outside the countries mentioned. To be clear, a person living in China cannot register a .de domain name to do business in Germany.

But there is an informal exception to that practice. For example, ccTLDs .io and .ai are an exception to this rule. The .io domain is a ccTLD of the British Indian Ocean, and .ai is the ccTLD of Anguilla. However, these domain names can be registered by any individual or organisation worldwide. Taking advantage of this opportunity, numerous technology companies are using these names as their TLDs around the world due to prevailing ambiguities. These domain names are costly nowadays and heavily traded in secondary domain markets as other traditional TLDs. This is mainly due to the fact that some tech MNEs are using it for their digital presence. In reality, this makes a bandwagon effect for such domain names in the secondary market, although it has no rational significance. People have a pseudo assumption that ‘ai’ is for artificial intelligence and ‘io’ is for ‘input/output’. If you are passionate about the domain market dynamism, you can observe a lot of such irrational practices in the domain name industry (check out the domain names sold in secondary markets and their prices!).

The important fact that even if we use some ccTLDs in a pseudo sense, we are likely to follow the rules and regulations of the countries where these domains originate. If disputes or other legal issues arise, we are not in a position to secure top-level generic domain privileges in such a situation. Compared to ccTLDS, gTLD is safer for global enterprises as it is not regulated by any sovereign state. However, gTLDs are also categorized as restricted and unrestricted domain extensions. Some extensions are dedicated to certain industries, but most domains in the category are open to all.

Our attention is currently focused on the gTLD .irish. The .irish domains are relatively new to the segment and rapidly developing its demand among Irish entrepreneurs. This is an unrestricted domain name and has all the privileges of classic top-level domain names. The .irish domain names also fall under the scope of the True Name. TrueName domains are domain names that protect against phishing and domain fraud using the Donuts Registry’s proprietary homogeneous blocking technology. This protection actively prevents bad actors from registering similar or look-a-like domains frequently used to deceive users online while taking advantage of your brand/domain name.

The .irish domain name extension is focused on the Irish community worldwide. In fact, the ccTLD assigned to Ireland is .ie. Most Irish entrepreneurs and subsidiaries of multinationals use their name with .ie extension to do business in Ireland. However, the .ie domains are limited to Ireland-based entrepreneurs and have a limited scope for potential entrepreneurs who concentrate the Irish community worldwide. The .irish domain name fills this gap as gTLD and is suitable for startups that target 80 million Irish ethnic people around the world.

.irish domain names are relatively cheap to register in comparison to the ccTLD .ie. The domain name .irish also gained prominence after the post Brexit deal as many European companies are launching their subsidiary in Ireland. So, in a nutshell, .irish domain can be used to target consumers within the national borders of Ireland and the world’s Irish community as well.

We have an extensive portfolio of domain names with .irish extension based on exact matching short industry keywords. All our .irish domain names are significant for Irish entrepreneurs or those who wish to take part in the Irish economy. Our current .irish portfolio consists of domains similar to keywords that are sold in the secondary market for the amazing price from 5 to 7 digits. Since our intention is not a windfall gain, we value our domains at very low prices under our policy. This is a great opportunity for Irish entrepreneurs and investors, as well as other entrepreneurs targeting a growing European economy such as Ireland. It would also be a great idea for global domainers to make long-term investments with minimal investments.

Below are some of our gTLDs with .irish extensions. The domain tagline gives the underlying startup idea for each name. The tagline of each domain name can be read from right to left (e.g. The tagline of the domain name is “Irish University”).

13.irishMake an offer
15.irishMake an offer
17.irishMake an offer
333.irishMake an offer
3d.irishMake an offer
555.irishMake an offer
8888.irishMake an offer
Accountants.irishMake an offer
Air.irishMake an offer
Animation.irishMake an offer
Apartment.irishMake an offer
Architect.irishMake an offer
Asset.irishMake an offer
Astrology.irishMake an offer
Athlone.irishMake an offer
Auctions.irishMake an offer
Audit.irishMake an offer
Auditing.irishMake an offer
Auto.irishMake an offer
Baccarat.irishMake an offer
Baseball.irishMake an offer
Basketball.irishMake an offer
Beach.irishMake an offer
Bear.irishMake an offer
Bible.irishMake an offer
Bike.irishMake an offer
Blanket.irishMake an offer
Bond.irishMake an offer
Bonus.irishMake an offer
Book.irishMake an offer
Bookmaker.irishMake an offer
Borrow.irishMake an offer
Boxing.irishMake an offer
Bread.irishMake an offer
Broker.irishMake an offer
Bull.irishMake an offer
Candy.irishMake an offer
Capital.irishMake an offer
Card.irishMake an offer
Carinsurance.irishMake an offer
Cats.irishMake an offer
Chess.irishMake an offer
Chicken.irishMake an offer
Childcare.irishMake an offer
Class.irishMake an offer
Classifieds.irishMake an offer
Clifden.irishMake an offer
Clinic.irishMake an offer
Cloth.irishMake an offer
Cow.irishMake an offer
Cricket.irishMake an offer
Cryptocurrency.irishMake an offer
Cycling.irishMake an offer
Darts.irishMake an offer
Deal.irishMake an offer
Dentist.irishMake an offer
Dermatologist.irishMake an offer
Diet.irishMake an offer
Dingle.irishMake an offer
Divorce.irishMake an offer
Dog.irishMake an offer
Drama.irishMake an offer
Duck.irishMake an offer
Ecommerce.irishMake an offer
Economist.irishMake an offer
Edit.irishMake an offer
Egg.irishMake an offer
Epay.irishMake an offer
ETF.irishMake an offer
Euro.irishMake an offer
Event.irishMake an offer
Farmer.irishMake an offer
Farmhouse.irishMake an offer
Feedback.irishMake an offer
Film.irishMake an offer
Financing.irishMake an offer
Fitness.irishMake an offer
Flight.irishMake an offer
Fortune.irishMake an offer
Freelancer.irishMake an offer
Fund.irishMake an offer
Funding.irishMake an offer
Gym.irishMake an offer
Gynecologist.irishMake an offer
Handball.irishMake an offer
Health.irishMake an offer
Honey.irishMake an offer
Horse.irishMake an offer
Hostess.irishMake an offer
Housing.irishMake an offer
Hunt.irishMake an offer
Hurling.irishMake an offer
ICT.irishMake an offer
Insure.irishMake an offer
Jackpot.irishMake an offer
Jet.irishMake an offer
Keno.irishMake an offer
Killarney.irishMake an offer
Kinsale.irishMake an offer
Kitchen.irishMake an offer
Lending.irishMake an offer
Math.irishMake an offer
Maths.irishMake an offer
Medicine.irishMake an offer
Midwife.irishMake an offer
Milk.irishMake an offer
Mirror.irishMake an offer
Motorsport.irishMake an offer
Neurosurgeon.irishMake an offer
Nurse.irishMake an offer
Orthodontist.irishMake an offer
Payment.irishMake an offer
Pediatrician.irishMake an offer
Perfume.irishMake an offer
Pet.irishMake an offer
Pharmacist.irishMake an offer
Plumber.irishMake an offer
Pottery.irishMake an offer
Profit.irishMake an offer
Psychiatrist.irishMake an offer
Quotes.irishMake an offer
Race.irishMake an offer
Radiologist.irishMake an offer
Research.irishMake an offer
Rings.irishMake an offer
Room.irishMake an offer
Rowing.irishMake an offer
Rummy.irishMake an offer
Sailing.irishMake an offer
Saving.irishMake an offer
Savings.irishMake an offer
Scholarship.irishMake an offer
Scientist.irishMake an offer
Scotch.irishMake an offer
Seed.irishMake an offer
Sell.irishMake an offer
Seniors.irishMake an offer
Sheep.irishMake an offer
Shooting.irishMake an offer
Shopping.irishMake an offer
Singles.irishMake an offer
Skill.irishMake an offer
Soccer.irishMake an offer
Solicitor.irishMake an offer
Song.irishMake an offer
Sportbet.irishMake an offer
Startup.irishMake an offer
Startups.irishMake an offer
Statistician.irishMake an offer
Statistics.irishMake an offer
Stock.irishMake an offer
Student.irishMake an offer
Surgeon.irishMake an offer
Surveyor.irishMake an offer
Taxation.irishMake an offer
Taxi.irishMake an offer
Teaching.irishMake an offer
Tee.irishMake an offer
Today.irishMake an offer
Tour.irishMake an offer
Toy.irishMake an offer
Trademark.irishMake an offer
Tralee.irishMake an offer
University.irishMake an offer
Veterinarian.irishMake an offer
Volleyball.irishMake an offer
Volunteer.irishMake an offer
Wealth.irishMake an offer
Wines.irishMake an offer