This domain name explicitly indicates what it is for.  It would be familiar to domainers and internet technologists. The ‘who is’ lookup of the domain names is very frequently practiced activity among domain developers.

In fact, it is overflooded online business segment and several thousands of websites functioning in the area. However, the keywords in the domain name are tremendously significant in terms of SEO and organic traffic. The domain-keywords are being generated millions of traffic everyday around the world.

 There are many free and cheap scripts available for activating websites on domain ownership lookup. It is easy and non-complicated internet business.

The domain name LookupDomainOwner.com would be interesting for those who would like to generate passive income based on organic traffic from search engines. It would work for the domain resellers also.

The google trend analysis on the domain keywords would give more clarity on the relevance of the domain. Domain keywords are popular among US and UK  based traffic generators.

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