How to Market Your Internet Startup Internationally?

Expanding your business to the outside world is a great way to help you increase your business presence, interact with audience from different walks of life and locate the market that is full of hungry buyers for your products and services. There are different marketing strategies to help your site get known internationally, one of the most important and widely used marketing strategy is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


What is SEO?

SEO is a marketing discipline that is focused on growing your site’s visibility on search engine results. SEO makes use of both technical and creative elements to improve ranking, drive organic traffic, and increase visibility on search engines. There are different aspects of SEO, from the content on your page to the way other site build links on your site.

SEO isn’t just about building high ranking websites. It’s about making your site better for other people.


Effective SEO Techniques

Let’s quickly look at some SEO techniques that will help your site rank on search engine results.


Improve Engagement to Improve Rankings

For simplification, engagement simply means the ability to get the attention of a site’s user. In SEO terms, it’s the amount of time spent on a website page. It is known that search engine does reward sites with strong user engagement with high page ranking.


Increase web content Length

A recent study has shown that the longer your page content is, the better your page ranking in SERPS. However, writing website content of over 2,000 words is time consuming. To save time and effort, all you have to do is to rewrite existing content that has authority and make it up to about 2,000 words. With this method, you won’t have to start writing content afresh.


Focus on YouTube SEO if you have video contents

YouTube is the second most popular search engine on the internet and getting traffic from it isn’t a bad idea. With over 3 billion searches per month, you can tap into their traffic source and get much higher traffic to your website.

Focusing on YouTube SEO will push your site to search engine front page. Imagine getting traffic from both YouTube and organic search results. That’s double traffic source with the same content.


Increase Website Speed

Some few years ago, Google announced that it would be using site loading speed as a ranking factor and since then Google has kept to her promise.

First, Google launched a Page Speed tool to help webmasters improve their site speed. Then later, Google launched another one called Accelerated Mobile Pages Report to increase speed on mobile sites.

For the purpose of increasing site speed, Google has launched many more tools to help webmasters get their sites’ speed in order.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is the highly efficient digital marketing technique of sending emails to customers/ proper email marketing converts visitors to buy and turn one-time buyers to repeat customers.  Aweber is a popular email marketing service that offers different tools such as autoresponders, email builder, segments and many more.


Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing as the name implies, means getting traffic from social media sites. You can get traffic from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Quora and many other platforms. Most of these sites like Quora allow you to market your business for free. While Facebook allows you to run ads which requires less than $100 a month. If you know how to run Facebook Ads, you’ll get good traffic from them. However, if you don’t have the funds for running ads, you can make use of Facebook Fan Page and Facebook Groups to promote your website.


Other Marketing Methods

Some other marketing methods you can use to promote your site to international audience includes

  • Content Marketing
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Personal Branding


In summary, marketing your website internationally isn’t hard. All you need to do is to follow the steps outlined here and set out a budget to get it done.




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