How to Choose a Good Domain Name for Your Startups?

Before we delve properly about choosing a domain name for your internet startup, let us quickly look at the definition of a domain name.

A domain name is an internet resource name that is generally understood by web servers and internet organizations and provides all relevant information concerning a website.

How Domain Names Work?

Domain names work under the Domain Name System (DNS), which is obviously the address book on the internet that aid visitors to access your website by translating the name into an IP address number sequence.




Hopefully, you don’t need to know all the types of domain names. What you need to know is to be able to differentiate between domain names.

Top Level Domains (TLD)

In the hierarchy of domain names in the DNS structure of the internet, TLD’s are the highest.  However, there are several TLD’s which include:

Country Code Top Level Domain

These are two letter domains established for a particular geographical area. For example, .au signifies Australia and only residents of this country can register this domain name.

Generic Top Level Domain

The most popular generic domain includes .com, .net, .biz, .org and .Info. These domains can be registered by anyone, however, some newer generic top level domains have strict restrictions.




Use Startup Name as Domain Name

If you own a brand, use your startup name. For example, scar clear cream is the business of your startup, you can simply use as your domain name. It is short, memorable and easy to remember. However, if that specific name isn’t available, you can be a little bit creative and get a high ranking name.

Build Domain Name Off Keywords

These days, it’s quite difficult to get a general domain name like But if you want your domain name to appear on search results, it’s important to use keywords as your domain name. A domain name like is obviously better for startups.




Avoid names that are not related your startup or products. If you own a clothing line, and you use, your domain name will be difficult to remember and quite meaningless to what you offer.

Avoid names that start with “my” or “the”. These words are readily used in conversation and using it as part of your domain name doesn’t make sense. However, if you already have a domain name with such attachment, then you’ll have to do a lot of promotion to gain popularity.

Avoid Spelling Mistakes. A domain name shouldn’t be hard to remember. Imagine your repeat customer trying to recommend your website to a friend and he’s struggling to remember Meanwhile, your domain name is There’s a high risk that your customer will misspell your domain name and end up in a competitor’s site.

Extremely long domains are boring. Although these domains can contain good keywords, but due to the length, it can be very hard to remember. If your domain is, you should know that the domain is very boring to the eyes. Keep your domain name length to the barest minimum




Here comes the most important part of this article. There are tons of companies that offer this service and some of them include Dynadot, Namecheap, Hostinger, Network Solution, Godaddy and a host of others. Many of these companies offer domain names for as low as $8 for the first year and subsequently you’ll need to pay $20 per year to renew the domain name. Hostinger provides domain name for free of cost with their hosting plans.




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