Growth Potential Used Car Domain Names for Experimental Startups in Online Automotive Industry – Priced Under $290

The automotive industry is one of the emerging sectors in the world. We have developed a few startup domains focused on the used car industry, which is currently prominent among online entrepreneurs.

The used car market is growing rapidly in the world. The market research studies reveal that the used car market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.81% in 2019-2025 periods.  The increasing number of online platforms is expected to boost the growth of the global used car market.  In this global market scenario, innovation and customized market approach would proliferate the competitiveness of market players.

In the segment of brand new car, color is one of the major factors which determines the buyer’s decision. The color-based popularity surveys (Axalta. Global Color Popularity 2019; Axalta. Global Automotive 2019 Color Popularity Report), the White color has been the global winner for many years. According to their findings,  38% of vehicles manufactured in White color, 19% in Black, 13% in Grey, and 10% in Silver (Reference: The The order in North America is slightly different, with 29% White, 19% Black, 17% Grey, and 11% Silver. Red and Blue cars are also popular since olden days.

However, the color factor is not sufficiently considered and explored in the used car market.  In this context, we propose a few premium domain names to investigate the opportunities from the emerging used-car market segment based on the color element.

All domains are SEO optimized and generate breakout research interest in search engines.  The names are spelled correctly and easy to pronounce and type when heard.  The domain names are very cheap in price and can be used for passive income generating experimental affiliate marketing web-startups.


Domain names which are developed on the basis of color difference – priced $200 each.


Domain names generated on the basis of trending keywords as per Google Trends – priced $280 each.







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