Classic TLDs

Our classic domain portfolio includes the first-generation top-level domains, particularly those with COM extensions. COM domains are the most valuable names in the secondary market due to their early bird advantage and acceptance amongst the general public. However, the keyword competition in the COM domain registration is relatively large and very difficult to obtain dictionary terms and their different combinations. They are overpriced in the secondary market and unaffordable for startups.

All our classic domains have a cute history of where they come from and their business potential as startups. Please see below some of our top-level COM domain names selected for this season.

At, they are called classic survivors because they came to this position after several screenings of different stakeholders. We created several classic domain names in late 2018 after much discussion and research. However, we could not sell them all to prospective entrepreneurs. So, we thought about liberating most of them from our custody. Yet, we could not abandon some of them, as they are very close to our hearts in many ways! Finally, we decided to keep them with us forever, even if they can’t find other guardians. We have a number of reasons to do this. We do not disclose all of this because of the exclusive nature of our business.

The first reason is that they are popular amongst domainers and get a lot of market queries. The second reason is that many of them have been picked by auction platforms like for their internal auctions. However, we have yet to find a deserving guardian for them.

In fact, we have developed all these domains with great passion. The underlying business idea and related information behind each domain name are given below for interested readers.

We are emotionally attached to the name because of its origin. The term and its concept belong to Japanese poetry. It's a Japanese poetic form with a central theme of love. The Somonka style of poetry form is very popular in Japanese literature. 

Somonka is a collaborative, romantic-themed poem. It has two stanzas: a poet writes the first, another writes the second. The second stanza is an answer to the former. In theory, each verse follows a syllabic pattern of 5-7-5-7-7. In other words, Somonka looks a bit like a romantic text and reply, like a poem.  A Somonka example is here, taken from Robert Lee Brewers' writings in  


 I’m waiting to die;
 I think it will happen soon–
 this morning, I saw
 two bright hummingbirds battling
 over some sugar water.
 I know; I was there.
 I chased after them for you
 until thirst stopped me.
 Fetch me some water. I have
 a little sugar for you.
We developed the name Somonka for  startup ideas related to dating and relationships, to poetic communities, and to shopping marketplaces based on the themes of literary works.

The underlying idea behind this domain name is to inspire startups in language preservation projects. Welsh is the national language of Wales, slowly fading out of the everyday life of Welsh culture. Although it is taught as a second language in Wales' school in England, only 21% of the local population speaks Welsh. The role of language in cultural conservation is significant. is intended to increase access to Welsh language learning worldwide to the new generation belong to the Welsh culture. We feel proud if a startup takes up this project, and they will be a real “change maker”! is a domain name for startups of AI medical diagnosis projects.  In medical science, the brain image is classified for normal, benign or malignant brain disease. This method allows for early detection of brain diseases. Brain imaging classification is performed using the machine learning approach and structural brain analysis using computing and artificial intelligence. is a science and futuristic domain name dedicated to AI projects in the medical sciences.

Carpenters constitute Canada's largest group of skilled migrant workers. They are in high demand throughout the country, and they may be able to obtain a Canadian permanent resident visa relatively easily. A number of websites report Canadian carpenter jobs. Nevertheless, there is no single website which only focuses on carpenters’ service and benefit. 

Therefore, is a high-potential brand name that can be used for startups related to carpenters' work, the community, the professional directory and associations.  This is an easy to remember and rhythmical name. We foresee a potential startup in this area.

The heart is the motor of our life! This is the center by which blood is pumped to the entire living body. Think about stopping your heart. That's what life is about! Unfortunately, today's hectic lifestyle causes tension at the heart. Heart attacks and strokes are fairly common for people of all ages and genders.  Ischaemic heart disease and stroke are the leading cause of death in the world, accounting for 17.3 million deaths annually.  Agencies, including W.H.O, have taken action, including outreach programs to reduce the heart disease.  

People around the world are now conscious of caring for and protecting their hearts.  Cardiac self-assessment encourages them to take appropriate precautions to protect their lives.  Various electronic gadgets to assess heart health are available on the market, and it is growing. There are thousands of online markets selling various kinds of cardio gadgets.  Amazon's marketplace alone has listed about 2,000 heart rate monitors in the major sports and fitness category. 

In this scenario, is a potential domain to build brand or affiliate marketing sites to look at various heart rate monitors and related gadgets. The domain name can be used for startups, which would focus on heart rate monitoring devices, costs, availability, features, usage and purchase options. Google generates about 1,22,00,000 results for the direct keyword «Cardio Gadgets».  This is a perfect niche and a valuable domain name for growing startups in the fields. currently generates high volume organic traffic from search engines. The frog is seen as a symbol of good luck in many cultures, following the rules of Feng Shui.  It symbolises luck, fertility, prosperity, wealth, health and friendship.  The domain is potential to start any kind of online business which have a focus on Feng Shui, windfall gains and luck. The domain phrase 'luck frog' is widely used in the US and the UK. Interestingly, the domain-specific term “luck frog” is of great interest to the U.S. state of Ohio. The is a premium turnkey domain name for startups related to Feng Shui marketplaces, astrology, online gaming and lottery, stock market analysis, cryptocurrency and other financial blogs. is a futuristic name that we have envisioned for startups in the human-managed clinical segment for advanced machines. This is a great name for platform services in machine repair and hardware markets.

As a branded domain, has the potential to start a business in machine maintenance services such as outage maintenance, preventive maintenance and reconditioning.  We feel at, the domain name is very meaningful in the emerging context of machine learning and AI. The domain name would be a good future investment for those interested in launching a service network for autonomous machines based on artificial intelligence.   

The domain phrase ‘machine clinic’ generates a high-volume research interest worldwide, especially in countries like Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Canada, Australia, South Africa, United States, United Kingdom, Philippines, and India. is a premium brandable domain name which is aimed for data science and market analytics-based startups.  It is a potential domain name to incorporate marketplace for analytics, especially analytical findings for decision makers in business and academia. can be used to aggregate, integrate and analyse various data from proprietary and non-proprietary sources.  Investing in would be a wise decision for those who would like to start business in the segments like deep learning, machine learning, artificial intelligence, fintech, stock  market analysis, market research, and cryptocurrency forecasting analysis.

The domain is a futuristic name, offering the opportunity to launch computing projects in machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data analytics, internet and email security. It is a preferred domain name in our portfolio for domain brokers. At present, spam detection and its classification are a hot topic for AI-based startups worldwide.  The word “spam” gives about 64,10,00,000 Google search results.

Affordability varies from person to person based on income, interest and needs. There are times when even the rich look for cheap items. domain name may be used in two business scenarios. Scenario one is a wealthy man wants to get cheaper items to limit his spending.  Secondly, people are real miseries who do not spend their money to buy valuable goods. We perceive possible startup ideas behind are market platforms for cheap products, affiliate marketing websites of low-cost products and services, the review platforms in terms of cost.

Predictive algorithmic prediction is an emerging computer method in data science and AI. Predictive algorithmic methods refer to AI-based estimation, where statistical algorithms using historical data make predictions about what is likely to happen in the future. Analysts point out that the new economy is based on algorithms and that each human activity and decision would be made with the support of algorithmic predictions.

The term “algorithmic prediction” is common to both data scientists and AI programmers. In this scenario, the domain name is valuable to create different AI projects. The domain name can be used for startup projects like data science courses, big data analysis, statistical modelling and machine learning, predictive software applications, market research and analytics, computational economics, machine-Learning applications, public health projects, insurance and financial applications, social research projects, consultancy, stock market analysis, application in cryptocurrencies, analytical software products and forecasting services.

From an SEO point of view, it's a perfect niche and the domain name will rank first in search engines. Domain keywords are simple and fit perfectly with high-volume keywords from data science and AI.

A creative name that we envisioned for startups in crowdfunding platforms, cryptocurrency platforms, financial blogs, Forex websites and online advertising platforms. is another domain name we developed for our internal projects.  Domain keywords explicitly indicate the sector in which it operates.  We developed the domain with the direct goal of delivering a one-click solution for start-up projects. This means it would be a participatory or a micro job platform to extend all services to startups, from idea to scaling up. It's also an ideal domain name for aggregating various services for startups from different countries and can be transformed into an affiliate marketing platform. Moreover, it can be used for start-up forum sites. The domain name consists of high-value keywords for SEO purposes and organic traffic generation. Google's search engine produces about 24,10,00,000 hits for domain keyword combination.