The travel insurance industry is projected to reach $37.0 billion by 2027.  Different travel insurances like single trip travel insurance, annual multi-trip travel insurance, long-stay travel insurance, etc. is popularly sold in the sector.  All these insurances combinedly known as travel insurance policies in general.

In travel insurance industry, the major share of the business goes to air travel insurance sector. It is one of the fastest growing sectors in the whole insurance sector and the lion’s share of sales is made through various websites. Americans alone spend around $4 billion on travel insurance every year.  Therefore, many small and big online insurance sellers are actively participating in this sector for a long time.

The affiliate marketing opportunity is huge for the sector and many insurance portals provide very good income generating gateway to small-time website owners.  In this scenario the domain name provides a remarkable opportunity for those who wish to generate passive income from travel insurance policy leads. is a premium SEO friendly descriptive domain name to start affiliate marketing websites in the air travel insurance policy sector.  It is a low investment idea with risk free passive income opportunities. Moreover, the keywords in the domain name are widely searched across the world.

The Google produces about 99,50,00,000 search results for the phrase “air insurance policy”.  The major search interest region in the world for the domain keywords are Canada, United Kingdom, United States and India.  There are many affiliate marketing opportunities available for this domain.

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