Artificial Intelligence programming and big data analytics are emerging new generation jobs in computing and deep learning segments.   There are several specialized programming languages for AI, which includes AIML, IPL, Lisp, Smalltalk, Prolog, STRIPS, Planner, POP-11, R, Python, Haskell, Wolfram Language, MATLAB, etc.  The umbrella term to indicate coding experts of these languages is AI-programmers.

The phrase “AI-programmers” is very popular among computer geeks. Several universities and training institutions across the world provide various courses in AI programming and related coding languages. The job market in the AI – programming also vibrant as global tech companies and governments invest a lot of billion dollars in the sector.

In this scenario,  is a highly potential domain name for starting up DOTCOM business in the segments like AI-programming courses,  AI-job opportunities, AI-community networks, AI-associations, AI-freelancing works, AI-consultancy works, etc.

The Google search engine produces about 1,33,00,000 search results for the keywords “AI Programmers”. The Google trend analysis also shows optimistic opportunities for the domain name.

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