About Us

About Us

Name is the real identity for every newly born being or concept in this world as it is the foremost aspect that makes the thing unique. When you start up a business online, naming it uniquely and SEO friendly is a tedious task. In the real world, naming is a creative task, whereas in the networked economy multi-dimensional technology factors must be considered before naming a market capturing website. It is knowledge and money intensive process.

Analysts say that having the right domain name is a marketing investment that becomes a valuable asset to a company as they establish their brand, launch and grow the business.  We all know that the fortune of a startup, especially web startups is determined by search engines. Above 90% of the online businesses in the world generate their customer traffic through search engines.

Therefore, the search engine friendly domain name creation is very important task in the startup process.  However, startups with limited capital investment lacks competency in this task and they face many issues in capturing an SEO friendly domain name for their business.  Here comes the significance of our domain name research service and aftermarket platform – StartupWebnames.com.

StartupWebnames.com is a marketplace to suggest SEO friendly domain names for new online income generating models. In fact, we are also a startup!  At StartupWebnames.com, we sell well researched premium SEO friendly keyword-rich domain names for low investment, but the growth potential top-level domains (TLD) for startup enthusiasts.

The domain aftermarket industry is highly competitive and expensive to acquire a good domain name. According to industry statistics, the average price of .COM domains is $2693 and the median is $630. However, StartupWebnames.com prices our domains rationally with a special focus on startup projects.  We set our domain name prices based on cost factors like search and research time, hardware and bandwidth cost, keyword significance, and peer group pricing.

We sell three categories of domain names – turnkey domains, futuristic domains, and brandable domains.  The turnkey domain names meant for immediate use, especially for affiliate marketing and passive income generating websites. Futuristic domain names are high value descriptive domains, which mainly meant for emerging websites in knowledge intensive sector. However, the brandabale domain names are creative and meaningful domains, which meant for brandable dotcom startups.